Offshore asset operators are increasing requesting high-quality subsea inspection data to improve the effectiveness of their offshore asset integrity management. This is particularly true during subsea pipeline inspection, for which Applus+ deploys ultra-high-resolution imaging to detect and size indications within a risk based inspection and as part of a subsea NDT programme.


Applus+ in Australia have designed and developed a variety of non-hydraulic, universal, automated inspection scanners to perform a variety of subsea NDT services at depths of up to 2500m.
Our scanners produce subsea inspection resolutions of 1.0mm on both X and Y axes. The scanners Applus+ uses for subsea inspections also contain a platform that allows a number of inspection methods to be used, such as integrated cleaning, ultra-high-resolution A, B and C-scans, time of flight, VT inspection, laser inspection, ACFM, or a combination of inspection tools through the use of custom-built NDT inspection systems. All designs are light, easy and practical to install internally or externally, either by diver or simple ROV hook-up with most ROV suppliers.
Applus+ has many solutions for subsea inspections and our technicians can custom-build a variety of subsea NDT scanners, consulting closely with the client throughout.
To make the maximum contribution to the productivity, quality and safety of clients’ installations, Applus+ combines the advantages of tried-and-tested subsea NDT techniques with today’s most advanced technologies. With a dedicated teams offshore NDT specialists, our solutions for subsea inspections can be tailored to the specific needs of each facility.
Importantly, Applus+ has extensive in-house expertise and resources for advanced inspection and conventional NDT, providing a total capability for subsea NDT, rig inspections and other asset integrity inspections. Applus+, in collaboration with our local and international partners, has extensive experience in the provision of these asset integrity inspections to a wide range of industries.
Clients who partner with Applus+ for their subsea NDT inspections benefit from:

  • Safe, high-quality, rapid inspections
  • A clear client-centred focus
  • Fully automated, remotely operated tooling systems, capable of simultaneous cleaning and inspection to 0.2mm accuracy for wall-thickness and defect sizing
  • Cost-effective and high-quality inspection options
  • High-resolution results
  • Through-coating inspection
  • Full interactive 3D scan plans
  • 3D mapping during the reporting stage
  • Accurate location of flaws
  • Real-time results
  • In-house calibrations, validations, factory acceptance tests and project-specific procedures
  • 3D printing of assets
  • Automatic reporting capabilities
  • Windows software for ease of operation and compatibility with other Windows applications
  • Access to depths of up to 2500m
Certain pipelines and assets need pipeline integrity assessments while in operation to monitor the in-service performance of the welds and materials. A typical example is the validation of intelligent pigging data. This type of pipeline inspection requires ultra-high-resolution imaging during corrosion inspection and monitoring
to detect material loss and pitting.
Applus+ is constantly innovating, developing and refining our asset integrity management services for the oil and gas, chemical and storage industries, as well as conventional nuclear power stations.  Through the services in asset integrity management delivered by Applus+, we assist clients to operate safely, productively and efficiently.

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