Innovation is present throughout Applus+'s entire value chain. It is integrated into each and every company process, it is the engine that facilitates and drives business, contributing to the company's ongoing evolution.

For Applus+, innovation is what sets its team apart: Currently, more than 897 people are directly involved in innovation programmes. The disruptive philosophy of those that work at Applus+ has fostered the ideal environment for producing more than 178 R&D projects each year for various lines of business and industry activities, which are implemented in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The company's focus on innovation as a strategy to develop efficient solutions – for its clients' operations as well as its own – has enabled the expansion of its activities and its entry into new markets (such as aeronautics, where it was barely present five years ago), and strengthening of its presence in others (such as the automotive and oil and gas industries). It has even become the world leader in non-destructive testing in this latter industry.

Being a leader in innovation is a unique model and one to which Applus+ will always be committed. It not only gives us a strategic edge but also provides a foundation for growth that will allow Applus+ to achieve its global expansion and leadership goals.

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