The environmental emergency response and risk management service offers different tools to set a framework for action, allowing coordination the prevention, control and effective fight against a potential event of accidental pollution (fire, leaks, spills, explosions, etc.), so as to preserve the environment, people’s health, the security of assets and the use of the potentially affected environment.


Applus+ develops the most appropriate tool depending on the sphere and applicable regulations:

  • Emergency plans to meet the requirement under ISO 14001.
  • Self-protection plans. 
  • Plans in response to hydrocarbon spills.
  • Domestic maritime plans.
  • Local plans for the protection of seashores against pollution.

The purpose of this service is to help companies and public entities improve their environmental emergency management capacity by providing them with consistent plans to prevent and control accidental situations in a proper manner, minimizing damage to the natural environment and social and economic damages.

We offer a broad range of solutions in response to environmental emergency situations. Thus, apart from preparing plans in accordance with customer needs and regulatory demands, it completes the service with the possibility of providing training on prevention and response to accidents and the performance of drills to apply what has been learnt and identify areas of improvement for an optimal response capacity.

Applus+ also has a service for the provision of environmental brigades having human and material resources specialised in providing a quick response in the event of environmental accidents. The Environmental Brigades service is part of the quick-intervention environmental tasks that seek to prevent and implement actions in the event of an environmental emergency, especially the discharges into a water environment.  

Applus+ technicians focus on the development of well-structured, comprehensive, and practical plans to comply with the requirements based on the customer’s organizational characteristics. For that purpose, they evaluate the sphere of application of the plan, analyze activity risks and vulnerable areas, define the emergency organizational chart and functions, design emergency teams (human and material resources), and set the procedures to be followed at the different emergency stages.

We rely on our experience in this field, thanks to the numerous plans for companies from different sectors and public administration authorities. The good performance of Applus+ is also acknowledged by different authorities in charge of approving the plans.

Applus+ has experienced staff for:

  • The use of barriers to contain discharges.
  • Rescue of aquatic fauna in risky situations by using electrical fishing.
  • Water contamination removal.
  • Control of physical/chemical quality of water during accident management.
  • Coordination with other teams participating in these types of emergencies (fire brigades, civil protection, etc.).
  • Maintaining the equipment required for these types of actions.

In addition, Applus+ has a service for the development and execution of discharge drills in order to evaluate the implementation of plans, the training of assigned human resources, and anti-pollution resources.


The emergency plans are developed in accordance with regulatory requirements, for instance, in the case of ports and concessionaires, industrial facilities required to have self-protection plans, and local administration authorities to which a seashore plan or certification is applied (entities implementing ISO 140001).

The Environmental Brigades service is aimed at the companies having facilities that may generate a specific contamination due to an accident and, in particular, requiring:  

  • An anti-pollution monitoring service
  • A retainer service in the case of environmental accidents

The emergency plans provide entities with a mechanism to prevent environmental accidents and, if occurring, the resources and measures defined in plans and the quick implementation of the Environmental Brigades service will allow controlling in an effective manner and reducing environmental social, and economic damages, as well as the related responsibility. 

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