Applus+ performs non-destructive testing (NDT) on wind-turbine towers for a major renewable-energy company in Brazil


    The Applus+ team is supporting a major renewable-energy company in Brazil with their supply of wind turbine inspection services deploying conventional ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant testing, and visual inspections of structural welds on the towers at three wind farms.

    A total of 106 wind towers, reaching 84 metres in height, have been inspected. Each tower consists of three sections, with a total of 325 sections already inspected at two of the three wind farms being inspected.

    In July 2021, the construction phase of the third project began, and by August, thirteen wind towers standing 115 metres had already been inspected, totalling 65 inspected sections. A further 70 sections are expected to be delivered by the end of 2021.

    The Applus+ team’s NDT work contributes to the reliability and technical efficiency of electrical installations - requirements that are essential for the ongoing service of energy supply to our client’s customers.

    The services provided include ultrasonic testing, utilising high-frequency sound energy for techniques to inspect and measure dimensions or thicknesses, characterise materials and detect defects, among other applications.

    On this project, Applus+ is also performing liquid penetrant testing (LPT). The process is based on capillarity or capillary attraction, in which a liquid can flow in confined spaces without the aid of gravity and even against external forces. LPT is an effective way to detect the position and severity of flaws on the surface of materials, including those not visible to the unaided eye.

    In addition, Applus+ provides visual weld-inspections services, which allow a welding procedure to be chosen during the design phase of an installation, when assessing known defects not permitted under the country's manufacturing standard. Visual weld inspections can detect possible non-compliance with established specifications and to evaluate defects found in materials or components.

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