The PSP-4 automated ultrasonic inspection system is designed for easy and fast set-up with high flexibility for different scanning situations.
Applus+ Energy & Industry can provide a comprehensive and flexible automated ultrasonic inspection system. Some of the key features of this specialist service are:
  • Several inspection types or configurations can be included in a single set-up and data can be collected concurrently. Up to eight probes are possible on a single job
  • Our scanner is a steerable, general-purpose, magnetic-wheel XY scanner – ideal for high-speed long Y-stroke inspections, with several probes attached simultaneously
  • Combination with a rope-access method is possible in order to carry out inspections covering large areas that are difficult to access
  • Qualified ultrasonic personnel trained by Force Technology are provided to operate this PSP-4 system
  • Availability of a wide range of specialised probes to suit different conditions in order to obtain the best results
  • All inspection data, including A-scans, can be recorded and stored in a computer for post-processing. This also provides a permanent record of the job, which is of benefit for future inspections
  • The system includes a receiver with selectable frequency filters that uses a logarithmic amplifier that goes up to 120dB to achieve better penetration of coarse-grain material such as duplex stainless steel, etc.
Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in this field and our extensive network of offices covering more than 70 countries make us the partner of choice for automatic ultrasonic inspections all around the world.
Clients using the Applus+ PSP-4 automated ultrasonic inspection system benefit from:
  • High versatility, speed and coverage attainable on the test specimens, with large areas of materials scanned quickly and accurately
  • Reduced downtime (and therefore costs) due to in-service examinations being possible
  • Accurate monitoring of discontinuities over successive inspection intervals enabling them to plan repair or replacement activities well ahead of time