Applus+ performs maintenance on the electrical power system for an important company in Colombia


    The Applus+ team in Colombia provided its services to perform maintenance of the electrical power system protections of an important company in the hydrocarbons sector.

    The project was carried out for 24 months and included electrical services for information gathering, electrical studies, planning and modeling of electrical systems. The maintenance and adjustment of the electrical power system protections was also executed, for which the Neplan Version 5.59 software was used. This allowed specialized studies to be carried out on transient stability, electric arc, coordination of protections, short circuit and flow.

    The Applus+ electrical testing services allow management optimization of any electrical installation at the highest level during its useful life, including inspection and maintenance and root cause analysis. These include testing and diagnosis processes, condition-based maintenance (CBM), predictive maintenance and reception for all types of electrical installations and equipment (low, medium and high voltage), including transformers, motors, generators, cables, grounding systems and rotating machinery.

    Likewise, the tests of electrical equipment also help to determine its condition and avoid service interruptions and the adoption of unnecessary preventive measures.

    On the other hand, Applus+ was recently awarded, by the same client, the project "Coordination and Predictive Maintenance Service for the Electrical Protection Systems of the Departments of Huila and Putumayo of the Andean Development and Production Operations Management".

    This project will last 21 months and Applus+ will provide its services for information gathering, electrical studies, planning and modeling of electrical systems, maintenance and adjustment of protections to electrical power systems.

    Applus+ business model allows it to offer a complete and secure service to customers by providing security, reliability and traceability in different industries. The company has high quality equipment that is necessary to provide an optimal inspection and a testing and analysis service of all electrical system assets, including power equipment, electrical protections, remote control systems, grounding systems, protection systems against discharges atmospheric, among others.

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