Applus+ performs geotechnical studies for the construction and renovation of renewable energy plants in Colombia


    The Applus+ team in Colombia performs on-site technical studies, field and laboratory testing and geotechnical engineering for the construction and renovation of renewable energy plants for an important client. Additionally, Applus+ performs Pull Out testing services for its solar parks.

    The project is executed in response to the client's need to comply with its strategic plan for the construction of solar and wind energy parks aimed at diversification and growth in renewable energies.

    The scope of these studies will make it possible to establish that the sites destined for the construction of this infrastructure are adequate and will have optimal geotechnical behaviour in the long term. The effective result of this work will be a correct design of the parks and the reduction of the costs associated with problems in the terrain that affect the projected structures.

    Among these services is the performance of soil studies and geotechnical instrumentation through sampling, field tests and laboratory tests, processes that make it possible to have a detailed knowledge of the terrain and that will allow evaluating the behaviour and stability of the terrain against the loads imposed by equipment, structures and foundations in solar and wind farms.

    It should be noted that during the execution of the project, which is estimated to take three years, geophysical technologies will be used to determine not only the mechanical properties of the terrain but also the thermal and electrical properties that are fundamental for the design of the farms.

    On the other hand, Pull Out Tests will be included, which will allow to directly establish the real behaviour of the ground in relation to the tracker foundations.

    The service provided will allow the client to have the sufficient and necessary information for the development of its renewable energy projects and to expand its power generation capacity in the national territory.

    Additionally, as part of its optimization processes, Applus+ has minimized the investigation and development times of the geotechnical campaigns while maintaining the quality of the results. All this is combined with a highly qualified logistic and human team to develop projects of this level.

    Finally, the developed works will be included in the Applus+ digitalization platform, which will allow the client to receive detailed, accurate, correctly georeferenced and real-time information on the progress of the exploratory campaigns developed.

    In addition to geotechnical engineering and topographic testing, Applus+ offers other services in renewable energies such as solar consulting and wind consulting, quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) in solar projects or consulting, engineering and testing in energy storage.

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