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    The Metallurgic Field Work Department has become big business, and over recent years it has gone through a major growth and development process. Already well known in the Norwegian market, these new inspection methods are performed by field metallurgists.

    Working in the grey zone

    Although the methods employed by the field metallurgists are in the grey zone of Destructive Testing, they are to be found in the category of NonDestructive Testing. Behind this testing and analysis service there is a commitment to support organizations that validates their products and processes.

    The scope of the services available includes extensive testing and analysis, from routine conformity testing for quality control to bespoke testing packages.

    Optimal performance through specialist teams

    At Applus+ RTD Norway AS, microstructure examination and evaluation plays a key role in material testing and evaluation. Metallurgists and metallurgical inspectors perform on-site examinations with portable machines (Movipol 5) using surface preparation, polishing and etching to reveal microstructural elements. For evaluation of microstructures a portable optical microscope with magnification up to 650 X is used. The metallurgist also does microstructural evaluation.

    The metallograph... playing a vital role

    When it comes to hardness testing, chemical analysis and assessment of material degree the metallograph plays a vital role: carbon has the greatest effect on the steel alloy – a carbon content between 0.3% and 1.0% being the one that determines the hardness and the elasticity, but also the one that reduces corrosion resistance.

    Applus+ RTD Norway AS’s highly qualified and experienced staff is able to devise a suitable testing methodology to assess the suitability and fitness for purpose of a new or old product. The company is also an active participant with DNV and Bureau of VERITAS committees in the development of standardized test methods which, together with the resources of our Information Center, ensures teams are kept fully up-to-date with the correct and most applicable standards.

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