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Determination of the characteristics of your products, processes and services according to a specific procedure.

With more than 100 years of experience, our expert technicians carry out the testing and analysis of any type of industrial or consumer product using the most appropriate equipment and instrumentation in Applus+'s modern laboratories.

Based on the test results, Applus+ will help you achieve compliance with the quality and safety requirements for your products or services, and will propose the suitable corrective actions for their improvement.


Applus+ in Denmark develops a unique service for trailer-unit inspections

Applus+ Automotive, the world’s second largest statutory vehicle inspection operator, has developed a pioneering pick-up service for trailer inspections in Denmark. It is the only inspection company offering this service in the country.

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Events - Publications

Metallurgic Field Work, Impulse magazine, Applus+ RTD

The Metallurgic Field Work Department has become big business, and over recent years it has gone through a major growth and development process. Already well known in the Norwegian market, these new inspection methods are performed by field metallurgists.

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Success Stories

Materials & Structures testing for Korean Air

Applus+ Laboratories tests A350 XWB Cargo Door components for Korean Air

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