People are exposed to radiation in everyday life from a variety of natural and human-generated sources. Radiation protection is defined as the means and protection of people, other living things and the environment from the harmful effects of exposure to ionising radiation.

The Applus+ radiation-protection department provides inspection, advice and support services on issues such as handling radioactive substances and radiation contamination.
Applus+ has over 50 years of experience in radiation protection and decommissioning. Backed by the Applus+ Group’s NDT and inspection expertise, we have the capability to deploy specialist personnel and technical methodology across the radiation and radioactivity spectrum to clients in any location around the world.
We deliver solutions for all companies and contractors dealing with radioactivity and radiation contamination, including the use of X-ray equipment or responsibility for the handling and disposal of scrap materials or other hazardous objects such as ionisation smoke detectors. Our level-three radiation specialists are ideally placed to deliver on-site advice, consultancy and support; to assess risk during radiation incidents; and to identify radioactive materials and their concentration through sample analysis in our radionuclide laboratory (C-laboratory).
Applus+ also takes care of the cleaning and upgrading of electron capture detectors (ECDs) and the cleaning of contaminated sources and equipment. Temporary storage facilities for radioactive materials are also available. Working together with the client, we can deliver action plans, risk analyses and study projects together with advice on obtaining licences and permits as well as purchasing, implementing, commissioning, decommissioning and transporting radioactive materials.
Applus+ specialises in:
  • Working with artificial and natural radioactivity
  • Testing for leakage of radioactive sources
  • Inspecting radioactive sources and X-ray equipment
  • Carrying out radioactivity measurements of samples
  • Supplying dose and dose-rate measurement personnel
  • Delivering risk analyses/assessments of radiation applications
  • Supporting permit applications for radioactive sources and X-ray equipment
  • Advising and coordinating large projects with ionising radiation (for example, NDT or NORM)
  • Removing and recycling ionisation smoke detectors
  • Inspecting and processing scrap materials contaminated with radioactivity
Increasingly complex radiation-protection legislation has exerted additional pressure on industry around the globe in areas ranging from the handling of radioactive materials and mitigation of radioactive contamination to the disposal and recycling of technologies, such as ionisation smoke detectors. Every radiation-protection challenge is guided by the need for companies to ensure legislative compliance at every stage of an operation involving exposure to radiation, through appropriate permit-application and authority-notification procedures.
The broad experience and in-depth expertise of Applus+ radiation-protection personnel, coupled with the company’s NDT and inspection capabilities, enable us to deliver reductions in risk, liability and cost for our clients. Our knowledge supports clients in their legislative compliance to ensure the safety both of personnel and of the environment.

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