The selection of the correct industrial probe is vital to the delivery of appropriate results in non-destructive testing (NDT) programmes. Custom design and manufacturing are often required to ensure probes are fit-for-purpose.

Applus+ is one of the largest NDT and inspection service providers worldwide and understands the importance of ensuring asset integrity and supporting clients through the provision of specialist probe systems for any environment.
Applus+ RTD places great weight on the selection of the right probe and can provide customised probes for all ultrasonic testing requirements. After all, quality of inspection results, speed of operation and reliability of equipment are crucial to any business. Our involvement ensures the most cost-efficient answer to our client’s inspection needs.
Applus+ RTD’s ultrasonic probes are the product of more than 30 years of probe manufacturing and field experience. Probes and probe accessories are carefully designed and manufactured to strict tolerances and specifications. The probe-design team uses modern tools to develop, model and engineer tailor-made ultrasonic probes that respond to changing demands, yet always based on the ISO 9001 standards.
Applus+ RTD’s manufacturing department offers a comprehensive range of up-to-the-minute, high-quality ultrasonic probes.
We work closely with our clients to find the unique solutions they are looking for. Our probe specialist pays personal attention to the client’s requirements, starting with an in-depth study of the UT problem and finishing with the offer of an ultrasonic probe, ready-to-use, in time for your inspection. Direct contact with a client’s specialist personnel further enables us to tailor our probes to individual operators‘ requirements, variable climatic conditions and unfavorable work environments and to manufacture ready-to-use probes to suit, for example, the ultrasonic-testing market.
We are always on the lookout for new materials, production methods (CNC) and probe types to improve the performance of ultrasonic transducers and to develop probes for new applications (for example, high-temperature, TOFD and phased array probes).
Applus+ RTD probes are:
  • the answer to a company’s inspection challenges
  • of the highest quality, in flexible dimensions
  • customised for the precise job in hand
  • delivered on time
 Probes can be used for a range of applications including:
  • Manual testing
  • Mechanised testing
  • Immersion testing
  • High-temperature testing
  • Deep-water testing
  • Use alongside the Applus+ RTD RotoScan system
  • TOFD
  • TRL

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