Integrated management services offer public bodies and agencies support to manage a range of unfamiliar or new processes that may be very different in nature, depending on their respective fields of competence, but all of which impact on the general public. Many of these processes require a high degree of technical knowledge and expertise. At times, a public body’s workload can be extremely difficult to manage without a suitable structure in place to ensure an appropriate and timely response to issues that arise.


The integrated management solutions from Applus+ offers specialist support to public bodies in processes, monitoring cost and time efficiencies.

We tailor our integrated management service to meet specific needs of the client, project or procedure in question, providing all the technical and human resources required to ensure a successful outcome. Applus+ can help our clients across the whole process in project integration management: project design; supply of resources; establishment of monitoring mechanisms; and review and improvement of the current integrated management model.

The Applus+ vision is one of integrated outsourcing, in which we look to develop customised management solutions and bespoke IT applications to meet our clients’ needs. 

Our multi-disciplinary teams comprise integrated management specialists in a vast range of public-body operating procedures, which include: high-level administrative procedures, management processes, technical operations and service-delivery monitoring and follow-up. Our teams in integrated management services also include technical professionals specialising in the development of bespoke ICT solutions to support process management.

We see complex projects or environments as challenges and adapt the equipment and personnel to the specific needs of the project. Our organisation’s technical and financial resources guarantees a highly trained team of experts and sufficient resources to see projects through to a successful conclusion.


The integrated management services from Applus+ cover all types of technical and administrative activities in a wide variety of fields, can be called upon to support with:

  • The development of competencies that lead to a need for new administrative procedures
  • The delivery of specialist services to the general public
  • Procedures or projects generating a high short-term workload
  • Monitoring and follow-up activities to inject objectivity and independence into any assessment of the programme’s effectiveness and efficiency. In particular, the monitoring of service-delivery compliance by public-procurement officers.

By partnering Applus+ to assist with the integrated management of their specialist processes, our clients benefit from:

  • A results-driven process, monitored at any time
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced competitiveness
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced risks
  • The flexibility to quickly adapt to any changing need or circumstance that could impact on the activities
  • Greater confidence in the organisation, both internally and externally
  • Sustainable improvements in organisational structure, serving as a model for future results-driven working methods

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