Geomatics is the integration of techniques and methodologies for the acquisition, storage, processing, analysis, presentation, and distribution of geographically referenced information.

Geomatics is transversal and multidisciplinary by nature and extends to a wide variety of fields and technologies: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, image processing, digital models, and internet technologies, among others.


Applus+ offers its clients the geomatics service as a comprehensive service; therefore, it includes all phases of the project like data collection, storage, processing, analysis and delivery of results. For this, Applus+ has expert personnel in all fields of geomatics and has the main software and instruments used in this discipline, such as topographic and GIS equipment (total station, level, GPS); drones with different sensors (RGB camera, thermography, video, etc.); laser scanner or LiDAR (conventional LiDAR, aerial, mobile LiDAR mapping); 360 cameras; access to satellite images for remote sensing, etc.

In addition, Applus+ also has specialised personnel who will be able to carry out a detailed analysis of the data obtained through geomatic processes, so that not only the importance of the information is highlighted, but also its use and critical analysis.

Applus+ is present in more than 65 countries, which allows us to be aware of the different geomatic methodologies that are used globally, being able to use the most appropriate ones in each case depending on the specific project. In addition, we have the ability to develop techniques and procedures so that the entire geomatics process is as efficient as possible.

Applus+ adapts to each client's specific needs, so project deliveries are made in accordance with pre-established requirements. We are able to deliver from raw data to fully processed projects, including a final report of results and recommendations. Said information is provided to the client through digital files or access to interactive platforms depending on the type of work.

Applus+ meets all the requirements to carry out any geomatics project with personnel specialised in geomatics and with the support of experts in other fields of engineering, architecture, technology, etc.


Geomatics is a transversal discipline that may be required in any phase of a work or project, both in the initial phase of data collection and in intermediate or final phases for the analysis of the status and proposals for action. Moreover, many geomatic projects are totally independent of other areas and are increasingly requested by public and private companies in all countries.


Geomatics uses technology and information from different sensors to perform spatial analysis with high-added value. Some of the benefits this service offers are:

  • Improves the accuracy of information
  • Facilitates spatial analysis
  • Improves geographic data management
  • Increases efficiency
  • Helps in decision-making

In addition, geomatics can be used to generate models that will enable quality controls, asset valuation, analysis of the current state and possibilities for expansion and improvement, and risk reduction since the new geomatic methodologies make certain jobs much safer, and even for certain projects it can mean a significant cost reduction.

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