Fixed-network deployment services can span all stages of a telecommunications project, right from the initial feasibility studies to the provision of completion certification.

Applus+ has 20 years’ experience in the field of fibre-optic network design, and our engineers have designed networks, or partial networks, for market-leading operators and government agencies.
We have been involved in the deployment of over 90,000km of optical-fibre, peer-to-peer and coaxial networks. We have a presence worlwide, with extensive knowledge of the specific deployment conditions of each local area.
Applus+ has hands-on experience of all areas related to the design of a fibre-optic network. We have technicians with expertise in network layout and field-data collection, specialists in GIS data generation, highly qualified engineers who are skilled in project management, as well as experts who are trained to monitor the implementation and certification of fixed telecommunications networks.
Our fixed-network deployment services cover the following areas:
  • Initial viability studies of the various solutions and deployment plans
  • Budget proposal, control and certification
  • Scheduling and materials breakdown
  • Network projects (FO, FTTH), link networks, distribution and interiors
  • Work project management
  • Technical assistance for the deployment of OF, peer-to-peer and coaxial (CATV) networks
  • Technical rooms
  • Management of public and private permits
  • Quality measurements
  • Management of affected services and incidents
  • SLA definition and report writing
  • Work-completion certification
Our expertise in fibre-optic networks and design tools such as ArcGIS, as well as our vast, global team of highly skilled technicians and engineers make Applus+ ideally placed to take on any large-scale network-design project.
The design of fixed telecommunications networks is a service aimed at telecommunications operators, regardless of their field of action; infrastructure, road and railway companies; construction and installation companies in the industrial and electrical industries; and any other public or private organisation needing to develop, expand or improve its communications network.
Clients who partner with Applus+ for the design of their new fibre-optic networks will gain:
  • Peace of mind in delegating the management, monitoring and control of the project to our team of trained professionals
  • Cost efficiencies as a result of reduced deployment costs and timely completion of the project
  • A high-quality fibre-optic network that is compliant with all relevant standards and legislation