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Environmental Monitoring Network | Applus+

Environmental-monitoring services comprise the supply, installation, maintenance and calibration of environmental-monitoring equipment for all types of activities involving the atmosphere, water and/or noise.

Applus+ provides integrated environmental-monitoring services and equipment tailored to the specific needs of each client. We supply, install, maintain and calibrate all types of atmospheric-monitoring equipment (stack emissions, air quality, meteorology, etc.), water-monitoring equipment and noise-monitoring equipment.
We have a large team of highly qualified and experienced technicians, based all around the world, and our own, customised software packages to collect and manage the resulting data.
This service is aimed at any public or private organisations generating pollutant emissions; in particular, those that wish to demonstrate their compliance with environmental legislation or control their process parameters.
Using Applus+ to provide environmental-monitoring services ensures that a client:
  • Complies with all current environmental legislation
  • Verifies the condition of their installations and contamination-monitoring systems and purifiers. This enables proactive remedial action to be taken when required, leading to cost savings and enhanced productivity
  • Reduces their environmental risks