Wireless-network drive tests and optimisation services provide a clear insight into the quality of mobile-phone coverage and other wireless technologies, including identification of black spots (areas without reception) and areas of poor signal quality (dropped calls, slow data speed, etc.). These services also provide users with information about wireless networks’ compliance with relevant regulations and technical requirements.

Applus+ offers its clients the following key services:
  • Drive tests: the acquisition and monitoring of information exchanged between the mobile terminal and the base transceiver station (BTS)
  • Benchmarking: a comparative analysis of data sets collected at different times as well as, comparison with data from other companies
  • Indoor-quality measurement: a service intended for large buildings such as shopping centres and hospitals
  • Processing and analysis of field information
  • Performance testing and optimisation: with a view to improving the efficiency, and therefore the profitability, of the network
Thanks to our modular mobile laboratories and our use of market-leading technologies (TEMS by Ascom, Xcal and XCap platforms by Accuver and SwissQual), we can guarantee a service tailored to each customer and each specific measurement protocol.
We are experienced at working with 2G, 3G and 4G technology as well as TDT, TETRA, Wimax and DAB, amongst others. We also have recourse to wireless-network analysis, processing and optimisation solutions including TEMS Discovery, Actix and Cellullar Expert.
Drive test and optimisation services are aimed at telephone companies wishing to improve their service to their customers and/or their regulatory compliance.
These services are critical to the implementation, operation and maintenance of any wireless network as the coverage data they provide directly informs the investment and policy decisions of the operator or provider responsible for installing, managing or maintaining that network.
Drive tests and optimisation services provide data to indicate if there is a need to enhance or widen a network, how the network compares with its competitors (benchmarking), or if network performance is optimal following an intervention or an event involving a large influx of users.
The resulting data can also be used to reassure government bodies that all users have access to the emergency services at all times.
Applus+ drive tests and optimisation services help our clients by:
  • Providing up-to-the-minute information about the condition of a wireless network
  • Optimising their financial resources by supporting correct network deployment
  • Preventing the need for investment in measurement and analysis equipment and infrastructure
  • Ensuring the appropriate certifications and compliance with relevant standards and regulations
  • Providing pre-emptive information regarding potential end-user issues, including service saturation and areas of poor (or no) coverage
  • Offering the possibility of benchmarking against their competitors and making improvements to their service where it does not match up