The soil is the foundation of life and ecosystems on the Earth's crust, and human activity poses a significant risk of degrading its quality, as well as that of groundwater and surface waters. There is an increasing need, globally, for comprehensive solutions to work on the restoration of soil and diagnose and recover degraded areas to ensure optimal conditions – free of environmental risks – for any subsequent use of such areas.

Applus+ expertise in soil testing and analysis and polluted area restoration makes us the perfect partner to provide support to clients in need of studies for the assessment and recovery of contaminated soil.
With more than 25 years of experience in developing solutions for polluted areas, I know of many sectors that impact the surrounding areas. Furthermore, with a presence in more than 70 countries around the world, we are ideally placed to support our clients in understanding and complying with legislative requirements – local, national, national, or international – and we carry out our work according to strict certified-quality references.
Our large, multi-disciplinary team consists of specialist personnel who design comprehensive, turnkey projects perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of our customers.
Soil recovery studies and research are aimed at any companies in the industrial and business sectors, public agencies, insurance companies, and financial entities that require:
  • Progress reports (basic or initial, supplementary, periodic, change of activity, land use or closure, etc.)
  • Soil and groundwater research (exploratory or intensive).
  • Risk Analysis.
  • Decontamination monitoring and control reports. 
  • Decontamination verification/certification reports
  • Soil and groundwater decontamination projects
  • Project management of decontamination projects
  • Development of contaminated soil remediation engineering concept design, basic and execution projects for the remediation and recovery of contaminated soil and water.
  • Analysis of environmental liabilities (sales process, environmental insurance, due diligence…)
  • Ensures the buying and selling of buildings or facilities in the absence of environmental liabilities.
  • Ensures and facilitates compliance with the applicable legislation on contaminated soils.
  • Respond to the requirements of relevant Public Administrations.
  • Diagnoses the environmental situation of industrial sites, their associated risks, and the necessary solutions.
  • Manages the effective implementation of the defined solutions.

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