Applus+ provides circular economy solutions to its clients with the aim of enabling levers for change in productive systems to enhance their behaviour and environmental impact, reducing resource dependency and seeking alternatives that allow the provision of the same products and services with sustainable added value.


For over 30 years, we have been accompanying the industry and various administrations, providing them with the best solutions through a technical and consultancy approach to ensure the final outcome.

Our experience in circular economy solutions includes:

  • Process and value chain studies
  • Establishment of indicators
  • Verification of product and service circularity
  • Eco-design of products
  • Life Cycle Cost (LCC) evaluation
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis
  • Carbon and water footprint
  • Alternatives to reduce energy consumption in production processes
  • Environmental product declaration
  • Waste prevention and minimization, "zero waste" certification, and recyclability certification.
  • We bring high-value knowledge and proprietary tools for information management and analysis.

Our team consists of qualified professionals in all our offices, focused on environmental business management. This facilitates the proposal of tailor-made projects to meet your needs and those of a market economy that demands greater complicity with the environment.

We embrace the changes that must come with the adaptation to the principles of applied circular economy. In this regard, we actively participate in business policies aimed at mitigating the impacts of placing products on the market. This is achieved through a strategy framed in sustainable development and competitiveness improvement, based on premises oriented toward customers, suppliers, and the environment. This serves as a vehicle to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The range of services provided by Applus+ in this field is driven, on the one hand, by market pressure in a regulatory context and an increasingly environmentally sensitive landscape. On the other hand, it is motivated by the opportunity to shift production patterns and models towards a reduced dependence on primary resources, the development of more environmentally friendly products/services, and the reduction of costs and waste.

Furthermore, the current context opens the door to specific strategies that ensure the justification of outcomes within a framework defined by competitiveness.


Our clients can achieve an effective response and clear benefits through the application of our circular economy procedures and solutions:

  • Economic Benefits: Increased efficiency in company processes.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduced use of finite resources such as energy and raw materials.
  • Enhancement of Corporate Image and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Improvement in the company's image and commitment to social responsibility.
  • Customer Loyalty and Increased Satisfaction: Strengthened customer relationships and higher satisfaction levels.
  • Greater Company Engagement with its projects and activities.

To give meaning to the above, at Applus+, we promote various initiatives, such as:

  • Industrial Ecology: Reusing by-products in our own processes.
  • Market Exploration for Waste Valorization: Exploring markets for optimal external waste utilization (blue economy).
  • Applied Industrial Symbiosis: Implementing strategies in a local and collaborative environment.
  • Renewable Energy Projects: Enhancing energy self-sufficiency and promoting the use of renewable sources.
  • Specific Training for Employees and Management: Providing specialized training for staff and leadership.
  • Definition and Measurement of Environmental Performance Indicators: Establishing and measuring environmental performance indicators in the company.
  • Support for Corporate Communication Strategies in Environmental Matters: Assisting in corporate communication strategies related to environmental initiatives.

Our circular economy consulting services help transition away from production patterns that ignore environmental impacts, providing clear added value without compromising the characteristics and conditions of products and services. This addresses the growing demand from consumers for environmentally conscious practices.


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