For any product to trade within the European Union, it must meet the EU’s stringent product-safety directives. CE-marking is a mandatory conformity mark that is required for a wide variety of products and indicates that a product complies with said directives. Achieving compliance, however, can be a complex process.

As a notified body for nearly all EU product-safety directives, Applus+ can provide its clients with the specialist knowledge, experience and expertise they need to achieve compliance.
We offer a wide range of conformity-assessment services related to these EU product-safety directives:
  • CE-marking certification process
  • Conformity assessments and audits
  • Design verification
  • Risk analysis and assessments
  • Production supervision and sample testing, including EMC
We hold a whole host of accreditations, including the following:
  • Evaluation and certification to Directives 2014/29/EC and 87/404/EEC – simple pressure vessels
  • Evaluation and certification to Directives 2014/68/EU and 97/23/EC – pressure equipment
  • Evaluation and certification to Directives 2014/33/EU and 95/16/EC – lift safety
This service is aimed at any business wanting to sell its products inside the EU.
Owing to our expertise in this field, the chief benefit of partnering with Applus+ for CE marking is to achieve rapid and stress-free compliance with the relevant directives so as to enable EU trade to begin without unnecessary delay.