The development of an effective environmental communication is a fundamental instrument for both companies and institutions to share with their target audiences information on environmental issues and practices, to place value on their products or services, generate trends of opinion, meet regulatory requirements, interact with stakeholders or those affected by the company’s or organization’s environmental aspects.


Through a multidisciplinary team, and for over 25 years, Applus+ offers a comprehensive service for the development of environmental information, communication, awareness, and interpretation activities, which includes analyzing the initial situation, the technical and graphical design, the provision of support, and the performance of broad actions.

Applus+ is a trusted partner with capacity for technical and operating response to carry out the following tasks:

  • Defining environmental communication plans for internal and external audiences.
  • Evaluating the environmental communication.
  • Offering informative activities and technical training (briefings, workshops, courses, etc.).
  • Conceptualization and recreational activities (positive education methodology: “learn as you play”).
  • Assisting visitors in environmental and industrial facilities.
  • Drafting communication content (guides, brochures, reports, etc.).
  • Organization and technical department for environmental events.
  • Graphical design of different physical and electronic media. 
  • Design and supply of equipment for educational resources.

Our added value is our human resources. The combination of technical experts in different areas and environmental education and communication specialists allows for performing effective and technically strict activities at communication levels.
Our proximity strategy turns us into an international company with a local presence, which allows for combining experience and knowledge of the territory, as well as the needs of local administration authorities and the business sector.
The quality standards of a global leading company engaged in consulting, inspection, and certification are applied to our environmental education and communication activities.



Applus+ closes the circle of its traditional environmental consulting services with environmental communication and education services.
Public administration authorities require these services in implementing environmental projects in relation to planning (e.g., low-emission zones), infrastructure management (waste and water treatment facilities), service management (waste collection, water supply), protection of natural spaces, etc.
The companies need to communicate their environmental management and the measures adopted in terms of sustainability in order to become socially and environmentally responsible before their internal and external stakeholders, as required by ISO 14001.


Public administration companies need environmental communication support services in compliance with their legal obligation to inform and submit to public consultation their environmental planning and regulatory development in a clear manner for citizens and effectively for administration.

Communicating the measures adopted to citizens usually requires large teams of educators with the capacity to carry out the awareness activities required to gain the understanding and collaboration of the community.

Companies need to visualize their environmental commitment as organizations, so as to provide added value to their products or services, increasing the environmental commitment and awareness of workers and the trust of investors, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and public administration authorities, thus offering added value to distinguish themselves from competitors.

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