The objectives marked by the UE are being achieved for 2020 in issue of Climate and Energy


    The Environment Agency of Environment (EEA) has conducted a study on the emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG) of the last two years

    The Environment Agency of Environment (EEA) on the emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG) of the last two years, where it was noted that these gases have declined by 2% in the European Union (EU). This means that almost reached the objective established by the EU to reduce these gases for 2020, but this does not mean that all goals are already obsolete, but it is necessary to continue improving and getting underway to achieve the targets established for the 2030 (2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework) which include reduce 40% of greenhouse emissions, increase renewable energy a 57 % and reduce at least 27% energy consumption.
    Other of the targets set by de EU also are being achieved at present, as it is the case of the promotion of renewable energy and it energy efficiency.
    Applus leader in testing, inspection and certification collaborates with different companies from different sectors both private and public for the control of emissions of gases into the atmosphere, which include greenhouse gases.
    Some of the most common works that makes our company in the field of air quality are the following.
    • Installation of air quality control networks
    • Periodic inspections of air quality
    • Modeling of atmospheric pollution
    • Maintenance and verification of stations of air quality networks
    • Installations of informatics applications for to follow of automatic way and online the data that they are measured by the different systems
    • Environmental monitoring
    Applus has the better experts in the energy field. With our actions we help to decrease the greenhouse gases. The most important Jobs conducted by Applus in this field are shown below:
    • Advising for the costs saving to companies and industries through the reduction of energetic consumption or application of specific energetic technics as renewable energies, cogeneration and trigeneration…
    • Pricing advising and of management of its demand for to saving in the bill of power consumption, gas, etc…
    • Energetic diagnosis that contribute a verdict about the energetic state of the installation and potentially savings
    • Integral study and audit of energetic efficiency that allow the determination in detail of the energetic accounting and measures of saving
    • Integral management of the administrative administration: local authority licenses, territorial departments of industry, environment, Basin organizations…
    • Assistance and engineering for the implantation of saving measures: projects and assistance for the star-up of the actuation planes. Management of grants and projects of implantation of renewable energies
    • Determination of yields of industrial systems (cogenerations, boilers, solar installations…)
    • We offer advice in the contracting about the different grants for which you they can be eligible. Applus consider the appropriateness of the type of contract to supply energy consumption characteristics of the client usually offer substantial savings on the final bill
    • We make a energetic diagnosis. For us, the knowledge of the energetic situation of the one installation is the starting point for optimize your consume
    • We provide a detailed study or energetic audit of the energy consumption which objective is to know the degree of efficiency with which is consumed, detect the susceptible areas of energetic saving and to determine the technical viable solutions and economically
    • We are experts in energetic certification both buildings of new construction (CALENER) as for existent buildings (CE3), and we have permanent contact with the public institutions responsible of the certification of energetic efficiency
    • Inspections: of AT electrical networks, aerial of overhead power lines, of electrical networks of low voltage electrical networks and the verification of equipment of electrical measures
    • Electric tests: vacuum tests of substations and electric protections, analysis of insulating oils of electric equipment, tests of insulating cables, predictive maintenance of switches and switchgear AT, predictive maintenance in processors and rotating machines  
    • Electrical technic assistance: studies and electrical consulting, supervision of works of medium-voltage and low-voltage, supervision in Works of high-voltage, supervision and control of quality of works.
    We provide contrasted results in all industrial sectors through of one multidisciplinary technical equip with extensive experience in electric systems, thermals, processes, tariff studies, steam networks, compressed air, etc. We make in situ measures of energetic variables and their consumption.
    Our methodology based on step approach allows us to obtain profitability for our customers in the short, medium and long term.
    You may obtain more information or contact with us through our website and share with us opinions and the latest novelties of the sectoron Twitter @Applusenviro and LinkedIn. 
    For more information, please contact María de Sancha Tel.:+34 691 250 977

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