Outstanding digital projects position Applus+ as a digitalisation expert for the TIC sector


    At Applus+, we are experts in the development and implementation of digital solutions for the different industrial sectors in which we operate, incorporating new technologies as the strategic priority for our activities, innovation and technological advancement.

    Thanks to digitalisation, we are able to adapt to our clients’ needs. Moreover, by maintaining a close collaboration with our clients, Applus+ is recognised in the market as a trusted partner capable of offering digital solutions adapted to different industrial sectors, always guaranteeing maximum integrity, responsibility and compliance with international regulations.

    These are some of our outstanding successful projects based on digital solutions:

    NDT automation of digital X-ray images through Artificial Intelligence (AI):

    Applus+ and sentin GmbH are cooperating to profitably integrate Artificial Intelligence into the day-to-day work in the inspection, testing and certification industry. In a cooperation agreement, the two parties agreed on joint development work in the field of image recognition and evaluation. As a result of this cooperation, sentin has developed a system to automatically measure the wall thickness of pipes from X-ray images, and Applus+ will test it by putting it into practice in real environments and situations of NDT inspections. This is the first step of others to come in the next future.

    On the other hand, our Technology Centre has developed a solution to automate our Difficult to Inspect (DTI) pipeline services, achieving time reductions in the detection of anomalies and the generation of reports for the client.

    Applus+ seeks to support our inspectors with artificial intelligence and expect that, by using AI, specially adapted for our company, the evaluation of image data will achieve a higher quality and more reliable results.


    WIAM, Materiality, and GMA for data and knowledge management:

    Applus+ supports clients by optimising the potential of their data in order to create new added value for their digital transformation. These are some of the software solutions we have developed:

    WIAM: Provides database solution products for material management, an ally in material research and product testing. Working alongside our recently acquired laboratories in Germany, IMA Dresden, our solutions help clients in engineering applications, digitalisation and automation in the field of materials technology, product development, laboratories and engineering services. More info here.

    Matereality: A digitalization infrastructure software that compiles, manages and distributes material, test lab and R&D data. Thanks to its different features, materials information can be accessed and managed in a means that is suitable for the different engineering teams throughout the diverse stages of the product cycle. Since Matereality is both a database and an MDM framework, it allows users to keep their database and manage all materials data of interest through a single warehouse. This means that once the data is organized in different libraries, it will also be supported by analytical tools and software modules to specifically aid material engineers, CAE engineers, test labs and designers in their daily tasks.

    This software is fit for users heavily vested in virtual product development technologies with global collaborative efforts, using many materials. The app can be beneficial for diverse industries, including automotive, biomedical, consumer goods, appliances, or defence. More info here.

    GMA: Thanks to the GMA+ app, clients can manage their international certifications for electrical and electronic products in one place. How? By getting access to an extensive data base of regulatory requirements for market access, and quickly filtering out relevant data by country and scheme of choice. This app allows you to monitor certification projects and leave the test and certification management in the hands of our Applus+ experts. More info here.

    e-Charging Manager for electric vehicles

    Applus+ has designed the EVIOM e-Charging Manager, a cloud-based, multi-user platform enabling the management of all processes happening before, during and after each charging process. The aim of this software is to efficiently manage electric vehicle charging stations, including a set of functionalities that help provide a positive impact on the end-user experience.

    The EVIOM e-Charging Manager offers multiple benefits for clients (such as advanced asset management like chargers, users, roles, vehicles, power balance, charging profiles, reports, alerts, auto-healing, tariffs, mobile APP, interoperability, etc), which allows the integration of new charging infrastructures into the system and continuous monitoring of the charging process in real time. The system also includes a user and customer-management platform that allows the service to be customised, visualising the network of charging points with geolocation and ensuring continuity of service thanks to a system for error detection and reporting.

    The platform can be easily integrated into the latest existing protocols of the sector. It includes its own communication service that makes the integration into different applications with specific requirements, such as data analytics, or the transfer of information to mobile applications, more flexible. With these capabilities, e-Charging Manager is suitable for applications in private infrastructures and for applications managed by public administrations acting as recharging service providers.


    aSeller+ tool for statutory vehicle inspection

    Applus+ has digitalised its statutory vehicle inspection stations to continue improving management efficiency and the collection, processing, transfer and traceability of the inspection data, as well as to adapt to the constant changes in both the service and the customers.

    This process has led to the creation of the aSeller+ tool, which encompasses different services. aSeller+ is an innovative tool that centralises all customer-related information, integrates with all of our vehicle inspection applications and programmes, and facilitates the possibility to understand, segment and optimise each inspection process -from appointments, payments and the inspection itself all the way to reporting- placing the customer at the centre of the business.

    Among the digital functionalities included in aSeller+, the following stand out:

    • Extension of the online payment service to all types of vehicles, not only cars and motorbikes.
    • aPaylink+, which allows the inspectors to send an email or SMS to customers to transfer an appointment into an inspection, with direct access to the lane and online payment. Thus, the customer does not need to leave their vehicle at any time during the inspection.
    • Automatic and personalised communication with customers via SMS or email to guide them through the administrative and inspection processes.
    • eCheckIn+ to carry out the reception and collection processes online.

    The digital transformation of the inspection process is an example of our desire to innovate and pursue excellence in the services we offer, adapting to the needs of customers at all times.

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