• Diversity and equality councils

    These forums are used to express diversity, equality and inclusion-related interests, concerns, needs and barriers, which form the basis of our action plans and improvements. Each council appoints a representative to convey the results and proposals to the Human Resources and Group Management areas.

    In 2021, over 60% of our workforce is represented by these councils, present in Spain, Colombia, Chile, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland and Sweden. In 2021, we implemented many of the proposals, among them some aimed at protecting mental health and measures related to teleworking practice.

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  • What Others Don't See talks

    In 2021, Applus+ in Spain and some of our partner foundations and associations  (Prodis, Aspanri, Aura, Down Syndrome Foundation and Plena Inclusión) held several talks for everyone involved in our selection processes, with a view to favour the hiring of people with disabilities.

    In 2021, we met our target: we have 1.11% of people with disabilities within our global workforce. We are firmly committed to continue moving forward to create diverse teams who are a true reflection of society.

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  • Supporting social development through our services

    We engage with local communities in all the countries that we serve, supporting their development and helping to improve their opportunities through our services, which also contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

    Applus+ is providing management and inspection services in Costa Rica for the infrastructure under construction at the Taras and La Lima road interchanges in the city of Cartago. Some 40,000 vehicles pass through the area every day, so this project is extremely important for all users travelling along the San José - Cartago route and south of the country.

    Based on previous knowledge on the use of video and audio technological devices for use in restricted access situations, Applus+ has developed a methodology to carry out verification inspections and remote surveillance in collaboration with clients and suppliers. This has been refined by reducing face-to-face inspection teams and allowing experts remote access so several stakeholders could confirm compliance in real time. The auditable video footage is also used as a learning resource and forms the basis for continuous training of new inspectors.

    The Automotive Division has digitalised its statutory vehicle inspection stations to continue improving the efficiency and safety of their centres, as well as the gathering, processing, transfer and traceability of inspection data. Our proprietary technology aSeller+ is an innovative tool that centralises all information related to customers and allows our technicians to understand, analyse, segment and streamline all inspection processes. The inspection process is now more efficient and safer, minimising interaction and cybersecurity risks.

    The Laboratories Division is making a major investment to spearhead the testing of electric vehicles and their components. It boasts unrivalled facilities located in Silverstone (United Kingdom) for batteries, engines and heavy vehicles and it has devised and built specific testing benches for trials of electric vehicles. We have also expanded the testing capacity of all our laboratories, as well as our electric vehicle facilities in China.

    The IDIADA Division contributes to the design of automated driving systems and conducts tests to ensure that these systems will function in different driving conditions. It has also signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) to collaborate in the development of facilities for controlled environmental testing of highly automated vehicles (AV). The project is developing a test scenario with a combination of virtual and physical configurations to simulate diverse controlled climatic and lighting conditions. This will speed up the operational design time and improve the safety and reliability of this type of vehicle through verification systems using advanced digital technologies.

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  • Convivio project

    Every December since 2015, 40 employees at Applus+ visit vulnerable villages in Panama to bring them a message of hope, as well as toys and food. In 2021, 160 children from the communities and schools of Quebrada León, Gandona, Escobalito, Nueva Sevilla and Icacal Arriba received a visit within the frame of this project.

    In addition to supporting disadvantaged groups, this project strengthens and energises the connections between the individuals who make up our organisation.

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  • LEED certification

    The business park where Applus+ headquarters in Madrid is located was recognised with the most prestigious certification in the field of environmentally sustainable building certification, the LEED Certification, developed by the US Green Building Council in the area of “Existing Buildings. Operations and Maintenance”, obtaining the highest score.

    Applus+ has actively participated in obtaining this certification by providing data on energy consumption, sustainable purchasing, waste management and cleaning, all necessary for a correct evaluation of the sustainability of the buildings on site.

    This recognition goes beyond a certification, as it encourages the reduction of energy use and water waste and the improvement of air quality and habitability to make the facilities healthier and more sustainable.

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  • Agreement with Caixabank

    In 2021, the Applus+ Group and Caixabank, a leading Spanish banking institution, signed a line of credit worth €100 million linked to sustainability criteria.

    The agreement is based on a gradual reduction (down to 17%) in the intensity of the emission-per-employee rates until 2023 in comparison with the intensity of our base year (2019). The selection of this measurement indicator is based on its representativeness to evaluate the environmental impact of our activities.

    This financial operation is the first linked to the environmental performance of the Applus+ Group. This commitment drives us to continue reducing our emissions and thereby minimising our environmental impact. Thanks to the efforts made in 2021, we have achieved a reduction of 26%.

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  • Expanding renewable energy sources

    In 2020 we signed an agreement with our largest electricity supplier in Spain whereby all the Spanish facilities where we are responsible for purchasing power are supplied with 100% renewable electricity.

    In 2021, we expanded the number of countries where we consume green electricity to Sweden, Ireland, Costa Rica and Italy, with an annual consumption equivalent to 11.79 GWh. This change represents annual savings of more than 10,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which allows us to perform our services in an increasingly sustainable and environmentally-friendly way

    We are committed to joining organisations that address the challenge of sustainability and the generation and use of renewable energy from a local perspective. In 2021, Applus+ joined several such associations, among them: the American Clean Power Association (US), which works to remove barriers to the renewable energy industry; Clean Energy Council (Australia), which aims to speed up energy transition; and Middle East Solar Industry Association, whose mission is to empower solar energy in that region through teamwork.

    In June 2021, we installed solar panels on the roof of our Bibra Lake facility in Perth, Australia. With these panels, we save 40% of energy, which avoids the emission of more than 35 tonnes of CO2 per year into the atmosphere. Our goal is to work actively to reduce the climate impacts of our activities, focusing on optimising consumption and demonstrating our commitment to renewable energy.

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  • Charity sporting events

    Applus+ takes part in the Dubai Green Run, a charity race to raise awareness of climate change and the importance of caring for the planet. The event includes all sorts of activities, and every year, our employees come together with the common purpose of protecting the environment.


    Since 2020, Applus+ has sponsored the marathon for the fight against rare diseases, known as "la cursa solidària", organised by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. All the funds raised through participant registrations are donated to support the research of rare diseases.

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  • Recycle to Change Lives

    Applus+ participates in Recycle to Change Lives, an initiative by Ecoembes that promotes the inclusion -both socially and in the workplace-  of people who are at risk of exclusion, those who have been out of work for long periods, victims of domestic violence, people who have suffered human rights abuses, people with disabilities, etc. This project connects job offers in the recycling and waste sector with the employment needs of people at risk of social exclusion, as well as designing tailored selection and training plans for participating companies.

    Applus+ joined the Recycle to Change Lives network of companies in June 2018. Participation in the project has been beneficial for all parties: at the company level, it reinforces our commitment to society’s most vulnerable people, while the participating beneficiaries are able to restart and rebuild their lives.

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  • Donation of food

    Each year, Applus+ participates in different initiatives to collect food for people in need. On the one hand, the Automotive Division in Galicia (Spain) takes part in the donation of food to the Red Cross in Pontevedra, contributing 1,000 kg of food in the last edition.

    On the other hand, the Laboratories Division encourages its employees to participate every year in the Gran Recapte d'Aliments, a charity drive organised by the Food Bank of Barcelona (Spain) to purchase fresh and refrigerated products for people in need. During the last edition, the company donated twice the amount of the staff, thus tripling Applus+ total contribution. In total, 875 kg of food were collected.

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