Applus+ incorporates GeoApp+ into geological and geotechnical study digitisation process


    The Applus+ Energy & Industry Division launched its GeoApp+ project in the second half of 2018 with a view to digitising the collection of field test data and automating the creation of geotechnical reports. In geotechnical engineering tasks, field data is captured via connected tablet PCs that communicate directly with a database from which reports are automatically generated.

    All construction projects, related to both buildings and civil engineering, require a geological survey and a geotechnical investigation to establish the relevant parameters by which to calculate each of the project units. These studies draw together the results of all the field tests undertaken, and the interpretation thereof, enabling the characterisation of the various materials (soil and rocks) present in the area in question, as well as their properties, within the context of the project’s aims and specificities.

    The use of GeoApp+ within our geotechnical engineering service provides an innovative means of implementing the Applus+ Group’s Digitisation Strategy. This app enables geotechnical reports to be drawn up virtually in real time. With this type of tool, Applus+ has enhanced process efficiency, permitting such work to be carried out safely and effectively while simultaneously preventing data loss by flowing field data automatically into the output report.

    Through this project, Applus+ has developed a unique method for the collection of geotechnical field data that is also more reliable than the traditional techniques currently in use in this market. This leads to cost savings for clients, who enjoy completely secure access to their inspection reports.