Applus+ to carry out road-engineering study in Chile for complex road improvement


    Applus+ has been awarded the project "Engineering, construction and improvement study for routes N-114, O-14, Cobquecura-Dichato, Ñuble and Biobío regions" by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works (MOP).

    The construction-engineering study covers the 34 km road section of Cobquecura with Puente Itata and the 25 km of road running between Puente Itata and Dichato.

    At present, Cobquecura and Dichatot have no direct connection, so alternative routes must cross the Itata River via a bridge at approximately 20 km from the coast.

    Applus+ will provide consultancy services to generate a detailed engineering study for final road-upgrade project, and the plans, documents and backup memories in our team’s detailed study will form part of the construction planning for the tender conditions, set by the MOP in Chile.

    Alternative routes will be evaluated in some populated road sections to comply with regulatory guidelines. The studies will examine how to minimise massive expropriations and vulnerability to tsunamis. Roads around the section's beaches will also be improved, given the steep slopes of their accesses and proximity to the sea.

    The fundamental engineering is carried out in extensive detail, intensifying in those aspects where experience indicates recurrent problems during the construction phase and when it is foreseen that the contractor may present alternative projects.

    The definition of the road’s route will be final, and the project will be carried out with the participation of the Ministry’s Roads Directorate to take into account all complexities of the project’s delivery within the tender. 

    The scope includes road-intersection solutions, access to the adjacent properties, and the definition of plans and expropriation background, which will allow progress to be made in this process.

    Moreover, to ensure the territorial and environmental viability, the project’s comprehensive vision will include the following aspects:

    • Generate a comprehensive project delivering a direct connection between Cobquecura and Dichato.
    • Analyse alternative routes in road sections at small villages, where the existing road is very narrow.
    • Develop topographical surveys for producing of a suitable improvement project.
    • Study soil mechanics to determine the design parameters for the pavements and foundations of the required structures.
    • Diagnose structures of bridges and major road works; depending on the diagnostic results and financial parameters of the project, analyse the need for replacement projects.
    • Analyse the expropriated space between boundaries (legal boundaries) and define plans and expropriation background.
    • Hydrological and hydraulic study of the road to design the drainage and drainage elements.
    • Develop specialised projects such as road-safety project, structures, modification of services, scenic viewpoints and landscaping, lighting, water works, environmental-territorial evaluation, and economic assessment.

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