Applus+ provides QAQC, laboratory and topography services for the expansion of a major mining district in Chile


    Applus+ has joined the Minera Centinela concentrator plant expansion project, providing laboratory and topography services. This project aims to process a larger volume of minerals from the Esperanza Sur pit over a period of 30 months. Applus+ was selected for this project based on its vast experience in mining services and its ability to provide high quality solutions in these key areas.

    The concentrator plant expansion project aims to design and implement a new facility capable of processing 95 ktpd of ore. In addition to the concentrator plant, infrastructure works necessary for the operation of the plant will be carried out. The supply of seawater is also envisaged through the construction of a new aqueduct parallel to the existing one. Some of the project facilities will be located in undisturbed areas (greenfield), while others will be adjacent to existing facilities (brownfield).

    Applus+ will be responsible for providing complementary Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC), laboratory and topography services during the construction phase of the project. These services include sampling, testing, measurements and analysis of laboratory results, as well as obtaining georeferenced information in the project's coordinate system. Through the use of advanced technologies, such as the use of drones (UAV), laser scanners and LiDAR technology, Applus+ will ensure construction quality and support engineering, design, and construction decision-making.

    The laboratory and topography services provided by Applus+ will ensure the quality of the construction of the DMC project at Minera Centinela. These services are critical for decision making during the construction phase and will ensure efficiency and compliance with the required standards as well as the final quality of the expanded concentrator plant, which will contribute to increased processing capacity and improved mining operations.

    With its topography and laboratory services, Applus+ will provide its expertise and cutting-edge technology including the use of drones (UAV), laser scanner and LiDAR technology, and state-of-the-art equipment such as the ROLATEC ML-76A for geotechnical compaction testing.

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