Applus+ K2 implements and operates the Aerial Environmental Monitoring Centre at El Dorado Airport


    The Applus+ K2 team in Colombia is leading the project for the daily operation of the real-time Aerial Environmental Monitoring Centre at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. The main objective of this project is to ensure continuity and make the necessary adjustments to maintain the Environmental Licence that allows the airport to operate permanently without operational restrictions.

    With a specialised focus on environmental monitoring and control services, the Applus+ K2 team deploys its experience and expertise to assure the protection and preservation of the environment, complying with the highest environmental standards required by the competent authorities. Through its dedication and professionalism, Applus+ K2 contributes significantly to the sustainability and operational efficiency of El Dorado International Airport.

    The main objective of the Aerial Environmental Monitoring Centre is to detect, measure and associate environmental indicators related to the airport's operation. Using advanced software and hardware technology, the system monitors key parameters such as noise, air pollutants and socio-economic aspects.

    The location of El Dorado International Airport is adjacent to densely populated neighbourhoods, and the entity has continuously promoted sustainable aeronautical operations. On this occasion, the airport environmental management model has been implemented and the Environmental Monitoring and Control System has been adapted to a new multivariable system with real-time information correlation. These measures seek to reduce and control the environmental impacts generated by air operations in the city of Bogotá and the municipality of Funza.

    For the implementation of the Aerial Environmental Monitoring Centre, 28 Intelligent Noise Monitoring Stations, 4 automatic air quality stations and 3 Polget smart poles have been incorporated. These devices are strategically located and operate 24 hours a day, and are connected to the Applus+ @ambiensqsuite technology solution to capture, visualise and process data in real time.

    The Aerial Environmental Monitoring Centre provides the ability to track the noise level of each aircraft operating at the airport, enabling Civil Aeronautics to make informed and strategic decisions to address environmental challenges and optimise airport operations.

    The vision of sustainability goes beyond noise assessment and mitigation. The principles of sustainability guide the design, operation and continuous learning of aeronautical processes, always in interaction with the communities. Community participation plays a key role in the Airport Environmental Management programme and seeks to generate adequate spaces for discussion and presentation of progress

    The implementation of the Aerial Environmental Monitoring Centre reinforces Applus+ K2's commitment to excellence and innovation while promoting more sustainable practices in the airport sector. At Applus+ K2, we are proud to contribute solutions tailored to the needs of the industry and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards in a sustainable manner.

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