Applus+ innovates in a pioneering environmental project for a major mining client in Peru


    Applus+ provides its services in an environmental monitoring management project for a prominent mining client. This cutting-edge service encompasses a comprehensive cloud platform and environmental monitoring designed to consolidate and validate crucial data from various sources. Applus+ leads the implementation of the environmental monitoring module of AmbiensQ, a platform that centralizes information on variables such as air, weather, water, noise, and vibrations. This project aims to offer a comprehensive view of the environmental status, providing in-depth analysis and facilitating data interpretation.

    The scope of the project covers the standard license in SaaS mode, with cloud leasing on AWS for 36 months. This service includes data migration from 1997 to the project start date, presenting the information in a structured and efficient manner.

    The main objective is the integration of data from various sources, allowing our client effective monitoring and control to ensure compliance with environmental and regulatory standards.

    This project will be carried out in close collaboration with the client's technical team, both remotely from Peru and from Colombia. Scheduled to start in February 2024 and conclude in November 2027, it will be divided into 10 months of implementation and 36 months of continuous service. The mine is located in the district of San Marcos, province of Huari, Ancash region, Peru, at an average altitude of 4,300 meters above sea level.

    Our client needed to obtain a comprehensive view of its environmental performance. This project responds to the demand to identify improvement opportunities, mitigate risks, and use resources more efficiently.

    The project will encompass phases from preparation to production and support. Effective integration of variables is expected to achieve precise environmental impact analysis. In addition, continuous support will ensure data availability and optimal platform operation, with environmental experts ready to provide specialized advice.

    Risks such as changes in requirements, communication problems, integration failures, and changes in the business environment will be identified. Applus+ will implement effective change management strategies, establish clear communication and effective channels, conduct thorough integration testing, and proactively adapt to external changes.

    This project reflects Applus+ commitment to environmental innovation and excellence in the industry. Constant evolution and adaptation demonstrate our ability to lead cutting-edge projects, marking a milestone on the path to a more sustainable future.

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