Applus+ successfully carries out a conformity and offshore inspection


    Applus+ has been working on an offshore gas project located on the English and Dutch continental shelf since January 2020. Two production wells have now been completed and the Oil & Gas company is currently drilling a third exploration well. If everything goes according to plan, the third well will supply gas in the fourth quarter of this year.

    Applus+ has assessed whether the 2 hook-up spools were commissioned in accordance with the applicable guidelines: PED 2014/68 / EU Module G (new construction phase) and also in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Commodities Act Decree 2016, article 21 (user phase). A hook-up is the connection of the well to the Christmas tree, which consists of source equipment used to safely remove gas from the well.

    Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the production wells were commissioned without incidents, within budget and according to schedule. We carried out the conformity assessments and offshore inspection before commissioning. 

    The PED 2014/68 / EU Module G Conformity Assessments contemplates these steps:

    • Examination of the technical documentation related to the design and manufacturing procedures;
    • Assessment of the materials used if they do not comply with the relevant harmonised standards or didn’t obtain European approval for pressure equipment materials, and check-up of the certificate issued by the manufacturer of the material;
    • Approval of the procedures for the permanent connection of parts, or verification that they have been previously approved;
    • Verification of the qualifications or approvals required;
    • Execution of the final inspection.

    If there are no irregularities, Applus+, as EU-CBIT certified company, provides a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) as Applus+ Norcontrol. 

    An Inspection for Commissioning in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Commodities Act Decree 2016, article 21, consists of the following inspection activities:

    • Verification of the pressure equipment according to the instructions for use and markings. Check-up of the external condition of the pressure equipment;
    • If applicable, check-up of the operation of safety and pressurized fittings;
    • Check-up of the arrangement of the pressure equipment;
    • Report on findings,  final assessment and retest period on the worksheet;
    • Issuing of the Declaration of Commissioning VvI and, if necessary, setting conditions for the use of the pressure equipment and/or the validity of the statement.

    If there are no irregularities, Applus+, as NL-CBIT certified company, issue a VvI.

    Since the project has been a success and the gas field produces in a satisfactory manner, the 3rd well and the 3rd hook-up spool will begin soon. The effort, professionalism and execution of the work has been noticed by the Oil & Gas Company and Applus+ has received compliments for this.

    Our Senior Inspector Paul Kersbergen explains: "It is great to be involved as a supervisor in such a special project. I look forward to carrying out the same inspections in autumn before using the third production well."

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