Applus+ Peru ensures the natural gas distribution system keeps operating during the Coronavirus pandemic


    The presence of Covid-19 in Lima and Callao (Peru) has not affected services in the comprehensive maintenance of the natural gas distribution system in these cities. Our emergency attention system has continued operating and did not stop for a single day, giving the user the peace of mind that comes with a safe and reliable natural gas system.

    For the current management of this maintenance contract, Applus+ in Peru has developed a web application, Applusman+, that enables an efficient online management of the whole network. Each supervisor receives a daily planning and reports the progress and closure of activities onsite. The client receives this information in real time, which results in daily, weekly, and monthly performance indicators.

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have included additional protection measures, although this meant an increase in our costs, Applus+ has never stopped the emergency attention.   Applus+ continues helping to maintain the operation of thermoelectric generation plants, vehicular natural gas stations, and the private demand from residential users who are also supplied with natural gas during this health emergency.  We also assure the supply to industries and shops that have already started their operations.

    Applus+ Peru has been running this contract since 2018, a pipe network system of almost 10,600 km HDPE pipe, 600 km CS pipe, 4 city gate stations, 37 regulation stations, and more than 950.000 connected users. We execute preventive and corrective maintenance through different tasks, such as emergency response, leak detection, filter cartridges replacement, corrosion control in station rooms, field signal transmission maintenance, electrical systems maintenance, station cleaning, and surveillance to prevent damage by third parties.

    Our Emergency Attention Service is carried out in internal connections, for residential, commercial or industrial clients, and in public roads.  We are committed to being in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service never stops because our main concern is to uphold safety beyond standards.

    Attending the emergencies in Lima and Callao, which have an area of 2,800 km2 and more than 9.5 million inhabitants, is a challenge.  Our Emergency Attention system is distributed at strategic points that allow us to arrive and resolve the emergency in less than an hour, despite the traffic congestion inherent to any large city.

    Our Emergency Service software shows with colors the state of the emergencies in real time, that is the solved emergencies, those waiting for a technician and those in progress, for a clear view of the progress of the emergencies.

    Applus+ has consumed thousands of man-hours for emergency attention since August 2018.  An important part of reducing the emergency attention rate lies in managing the Surveillance Service of the Damage Prevention Plan, which includes the inspection of excavation works that third companies execute around the natural gas distribution system.

    We remain motivated and continue walking the path of excellence with the health and safety of natural gas consumers as our top priority.

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