Applus+ has been awarded the first carbon capture project in Europe to execute non-destructive testing


    Applus+ was awarded to execute non-destructive testing on the first carbon capture industrial-scale, open-access project in Europe. This project reflects on Applus+ strategy to help the environment by improving our and clients’ industries to mitigate the negative impact of climate change on its business.

    As Non-destructive testing is an essential activity to help assess the integrity of the structures, helping to safeguard client operations, Applus+ is proud to be the only NDT company involved in the Northern Lights project. This ground-breaking project enables safe and permanent underground storage for industries across Europe. The Norwegian Government’s full-scale carbon capture and storage project will be the first-ever cross-border, open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure network.

    This project entails the execution of Applus+ RTD Rotoscan, which is an automated ultrasonic inspection system developed in-house by Applus+ to carry out NDT UT welding inspection of girth welds during the construction of long-distance pipelines.

    This technology is developed for both onshore and offshore NDT pipeline inspection, the Rotoscan UT weld inspection system can detect and measure welding imperfections within the weld and associated heat-affected zone, determining both the circumferential length and the through-thickness dimension. The system couples a low false-call rate (FCR) with flaw-sizing capabilities, a user-friendly presentation in colour using customised software and storage of results.

    Applus+ services and solutions are based on adapting to the constantly evolving market and changing client demands, taking this as one of the reasons why we were awarded this project. Problem-solving is what Applus+ does in supporting client challenges. In this case, helping to reduce climate emissions.

    With the validation and welding/welder procedure and qualification training successfully performed preparations for the mainline production beginning in October 2022.

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