Use of multidisciplinary teams in rope-access inspections of large floating platforms in Korea

    Energy & Industry Division in Korea successfully undertakes complex inspection of large floating platform using rope-access methods
    Applus+ K2, the Energy & Industry Division brand in Korea, is able to mobilise multidisciplinary teams to carry out work scopes using rope-access methods on large, floating, gas-extraction, processing, storage and handling platforms.
    These multidisciplinary, IRATA-certified teams of 30 technicians bring in-depth experience and a wide array of skills to the table. In this particular case, Applus+ was able to optimise resources and reduce the need for scaffolding, thereby providing the client with a more efficient and cost-effective solution.
    The main achievements of this project include:
    • Work successfully completed by the four teams with no incidents and a high levels of customer satisfaction regarding the technicians’ quality of work and professionalism 
    • 100% of job scopes completed on schedule 
    • More work received from the client in addition to the original work scope
    The bulk of the work involved surface preparation and touch-up painting; removal of protective materials on the structure and pipe work; removal and installation of parts and materials; cleaning; removal and installation of cables; welding; and removal of dropped objects.
    The work scope included a dropped-objects survey and hazard hunt; leak testing; cable pulling; cleaning; 3D survey assistance; an eddy current inspection; rope-access rescue work; and the inspection of the platform’s lighting system – all using the most advanced engineering equipment and software. As such, we were able to provide high-quality results, guaranteeing that the facility is functioning as it should be.
    With this project, Applus+ has once again demonstrated its wide-ranging experience in the evaluation and type approval of maritime products and services, as well as its specialist technical knowledge of the oil and gas exploration and extraction industry.