Applus+ Laboratories

LGAI Technological Centre S.A. was founded in Spain in 1907.

Applus+ Laboratories provides testing, certification, product-development and engineering services to clients in a wide range of industries including the aerospace, IT, and electrical and electronics sectors.

Applus+ has a network of multidisciplinary laboratories in Europe, Asia and North America, and offers the following services:

Testing services:
  • Materials and Structures Testing
  • Electrical & Electronic products testing
  • Fire Safety testing
  • IT Evaluations
Engineering and development services:
  • Development of customized test systems
  • Development of automated NDT equipment
  • Development of new forming processes for composite
  • Development and industrialization services for fine chemicals & pharmaceutical products
Product Certification
Calibration of measurement instruments and legal metrology
Specialists in product and system testing and certification for a range of sectors, in particular aerospace, electrics and electronics and IT.
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