Applus+ IDIADA

IDIADA A.T. (80% owned by Applus+ and 20% by the Generalitat of Catalonia) has since 1999 been operating under an exclusive contract at the 331-hectare technology centre near Barcelona (owned by the Generalitat of Catalonia), which includes the most comprehensive independent proving ground, testing laboratories and vehicle development centre for motor vehicles in Europe. The contract runs until 2024 and is renewable until 2049.
This division provides services to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers for new product development activities in design, engineering, testing and homologation. We employ more than 2,200 specialists, and our international network spans 25 countries.
We provide comprehensive design, engineering and validation solutions for turnkey vehicle-development projects all around the world, as well as CAD, CAE and functional testing. Our diverse service portfolio includes the development of passive-safety, active-safety, driveline, comfort- and reliability-enhancing and electronic products.
Applus+ IDIADA has proving grounds and fully equipped workshops in Spain and China. Both sites offer the highest standards in terms of security and confidentiality. Our homologation services meet all CE and CEE requirements in Europe. We are accredited to work in Australia, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia.
A leading global provider of design, engineering, testing and homologation services for the automotive sector.
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