Pipeline integrity inspection

Applus+ delivers integrity-management solutions for oil and gas pipelines, helping our clients to ensure that their operations are safe and reliable. Applus+ achieves this by offering a broad range of services to detect, characterise and verify pipeline defects at any stage of the asset life-cycle. Our asset-integrity services include in-line inspection, pressure-test verification, direct assessment and material-property verification.
Thanks to our highly trained and qualified technicians, advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques and innovative technologies, we are able to accurately monitor and size anomalies, allowing operators to focus on the most problematic areas and so avoid unnecessary repair work. Our innovative data-management solution, InSite, which was specifically designed for asset integrity management projects, allows for improved data accuracy and rapid data reporting, thereby helping operators to comply with industry regulations and audits.
As market leaders in testing and inspection, we provide an extensive range of technical assistance that can be drawn on during a project’s operational, maintenance or design phases to assess and resolve threats to client assets.