Waste management is a ‘hot topic’ in this day and age, with increasing numbers of businesses and public agencies looking both to reduce and to optimise how they manage their waste.

Waste-management solutions involve:
  • Development and operation of waste-management plans
  • Definition and implementation of waste-prevention and minimisation strategies
  • Raising awareness of the importance of waste minimisation and improved waste management
  • Feasibility studies for the implementation of management systems
  • Assessment and monitoring of public waste management quality of service (QoS)
Applus+ provides comprehensive solutions for the management of dangerous and inert urban waste, from the planning of the process to its technical and economic optimisation.
We have 30 years of extensive experience in implementing waste-management strategies, both in the public and industrial domains, as well as considerable knowledge of the public agencies involved.
Our large multi-disciplinary team of highly trained professionals is coordinated at a national level and part of a global network of experts.
We are skilled at developing comprehensive turnkey projects adapted to the specific needs of our customers.
Our consultancy and inspection activities in the waste sector are based on strict, certified quality references.
 Effective waste management is vital to all organisations, regardless of their sector or business activity.
Benefits of partnering with Applus+ for a customised waste-management solution include:
  • Compliance with waste-material legislation
  • Significant potential for cost savings
  • Optimisation of resources
  • Improved market image