We offer global solutions to optimise our clients' energy and economic consumption.
We work with clients at all stages of a project, from the design and construction of client facilities to the use of energy within existing facilities. We finance projects to bring about reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions, while ensuring the availability, safety, quality and reliability of the energy supplies provided to the client. Applus+ Norcontrol ensures a decrease in the current energy invoice, reducing the price per kWh by exporting co-generated electricity. We offer energy advisory and consultancy services tailored to each client, and we have a team of highly skilled professionals with broad experience in the world of energy efficiency. Applus+ Norcontrol has laboratories that certify the quality of the technology to be implemented in energy-saving lighting projects. We are rigorous in ensuring that both the technical claims made by manufacturers and the specifications required for the project are met.
Our fields of expertise include lighting (interior, exterior and street lighting); co-generation, micro-generation and tri-generation; thermal power facilities (generation equipment, distribution and pumping system, terminal elements); and renewable energies (generation systems using renewable energies).
Advantages to our customer include:
  • Cost reduction and control
  • A guaranteed reduction in the energy invoice
  • A comprehensive energy-efficiency solution as we participate in all phases of the project: design, construction, maintenance, management and operation
  • Risk-free for the client because we take on the investment risk and share the savings with our clients
  • Quality certification of the technology to be implemented in energy-saving lighting projects
  • Modernisation and improvement of the client’s facilities without the need for investment, by financing the actions through the resulting savings
  • Reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions, reaching the strategic goals set by the client