UNDP award for the Energy&Industry Division of Applus+ in Spain

    Applus+ Norcontrol has been awarded for a new project in Bahrein Long Term Agreement for Energy Management and Energy Audits
    The scope of work includes conducting energy audits and proposing/designing energy efficiency solutions for various facilities and structures in the Kingdom of Bahrain, including, but not limited to:
    • Government Buildings (schools, hospitals, municipal buildings)
    • Sewage pumping networks
    • Industrial facilities
    • Commercial buildings (malls, hotels)
    Tasks and responsibilities
    • Walk-through Energy Audits and preliminary analysis.
    • Consultancy services for detailed Energy Audits to ISO 50002:2014 and other relevant intemational standards including energy usage pattems, identifying and quantifying areas of energy loss down to room and/or major high-load electrical equipment level, energy balance assessments etc.
    • Consultancy services for review of Energy Management System procedures according to ISO 50001 and other relevant international standards.
    • Recommendations for energy efficiency improvements, including cost-benefit and Return on Investment analysis
    • Providing trainings and presentations on energy efficiency and implementation of energy management systems.
    • Providing expert advice on the feasibility of proposed energy efficiency solutions
    • Providing expert advice on other matters related to introduction and implementation of Energy Management Systems (e.g. recommendations for monitoring equipment, procedures tools, etc.).
    Client: Bahrain´s Sustainable Energy Unit (SEU) – UNDP
    Contract’s amount: Up to 150.000 €
    Source contact: Ernesto Fenellós