The defense of one global CO2 reduction have been agreed by Europe for the Climate Summit in Paris

    The EU will advocate at the Climate Summit, the need to reduce emissions by 50% compared to 1990
    Environmental representatives of the European Union have agreed, on Friday, defending a reduction of the 50% on pollutant emissions by 2050 at the Climate Summit that is scheduled for December in Paris, which will aim to replace the current Kyoto Protocol.
    The EU will advocate at the Summit, the need to reduce emissions by 50% compared to 1990, with the purpose of preventing the temperature increase taking place in recent years, and thus avoid exceeding 2 ºC, which is believed that will causing major environmental disasters (droughts, tornadoes, sea level rise ...) that will end up affecting the way of life of all living things on Earth including humans.
    The EU have committed to reducing 40% of these emissions by 2030, although they will try to reduce a higher percentage than that stipulated so that for 2050 be possible one reduction of between 80% and 95%.
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