Sogama awards Applus+ Norcontrol the maintenance of their Air Quality surveillance system


    The company achieves the contract for services valued in 224,000€

    Applus+ Norcontrol will be in charge of the continued and comprehensive maintenance of the air quality surveillance system in Sogama’s thermoelectric plant. The contract has a three-year length, extendable up to four years. In that time Applus+ will conduct reception of the data gathered by the system and real-time filing, assuring the online public availability of the information.
    The thermoelectric plant carries out the energy valuation of non-renewable waste, turning it into power. The facility is formed by four immission stations, a weather station and a control center connected to the chemistry laboratory and the offices of the complex.
    This award consolidates Applus+ Norcontrol as a leader provider of supplies, installation and maintenance of environmental measurement equipment, in both the private and public sector in Spain and internationally.