Applus+ Velosi and Applus+ Norcontrol collaborate to succeed in the USA Pavement Management Services

    Cooperation and the merging process lead to this recent business line and market.
    For the past 15 years, Applus+ Norcontrol has provided Spain and the Middle East with Pavement Management Services. Due to the geographic presence of Applus+ Velosi in the US, Applus+ Norcontrol decided to replicate this business line in the US beginning in 2011 once they realized the existing need for this service in the country.
    The USA Pavement Management Business is a very mature and established market. However, Applus+ Norcontrol along with Applus+ Velosi have successfully provided some degree of services to private clients, for example engineering firms, the tire industry, concession companies, and general and paving contractors.
    After studying the market, we knew we needed to offer more to our customers by building a team of experts and adding new technology.
    In 2015 our USA branch acquired new equipment we call the Applus Road Analyzer (APPRA), which is a combination of the Road Crack Measurement System and a Laser Roline Profiler. This system is capable of collecting pavement deterioration (cracks), macrotexture and ride quality at traffic speed georeferenced by an odometer and a GPS.
    Fostering their merging process, Applus+ Velosi and Applus+ Norcontrol are breaking into the US Pavement Management market and opening a road to success.
    For more information, please contact María de Sancha Tel.:+34 691 250 977

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