Applus+ TST trains international emergency teams and conducts tests on new materials


    The Applus+ TST (Tunnel Safety Testing) technological center is an European leader in full-scale fire testing within tunnels. Applus+ has over 15 years of experience training firefighters, mine-rescue teams and other emergency personnel to properly manage fires in tunnels and underground conduits.

    During September 2021, to our knowledge the first ever fire test of an electric vehicle inside a tunnel took place. The fire test was organised by HISPAMAST, a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of fire-fighting equipment, alongside the fire brigade of the city of Bolzano, Italy.

    Inside the tunnel at the San Pedro de Anes Experimental Centre (Asturias), the participants were able to monitor and assess the characteristics of fire in an electric vehicle with a fully charged lithium battery.

    The purpose of the test was to provide knowledge to the emergency services on how to correctly manage this type of emergency and to detect the problematic nature of this type of fire event.

    In addition to this ground-breaking test, Applus+ TST has also recently offered firefighters from the city of Quito Applus+ TST’s training course on “Tunnels and Galleries for Firefighters”. The course instructs professionals on how to intervene in an emergency situation and in conditions similar to those of a fire inside a metro station. To achieve this, two simulations were carried out using actual fire.

    Both training sessions were completed successfully, and the knowledge offered is of great importance for the safety of infrastructures. Above all, this fire-fighting training is essential for the people and professionals who could be involved in these dangerous types of fire situations.


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