Applus+ TST conducts a demonstration of ventilation and smoke control in tunnels for companies in the sector


    50 people from 12 companies attended the first open day at Applus+ TST.

    On the 11th of December, Applus+ TST (Asturias) invited 12 companies to attend the centre’s first open day. The day began with a presentation by the Managing Director of Product Conformity at Applus+ Laboratories, Xavier Ruiz, who explained the versatility and scope of services relating to construction laboratories, fire and, in particular, services for the ventilation sector.
    After the presentation, there was a tour of the Applus+ TST facilities, culminating in the testing tunnel, where there was a demonstration of ventilation in a tunnel with a 10MW fire (equivalent to two or three passenger cars burning at the same time). There were no safety concerns in the tunnel because it is an area which has been specifically protected for the generation of fires with a high thermal load.
    Participants could observe the development of smoke inside the tunnel in two different situations: first with natural ventilation, and afterwards using the jet fans in the tunnel. This experience helped the participants to see the impact of smoke and to understand the importance of fire safety in tunnels and other enclosed spaces. Likewise, special emphasis was placed on correct decision making, the importance of training emergency response teams, and the function of various active and passive safety systems.
    Finally, the day concluded with a traditional Asturian meal and an exchange of experiences and opinions about the day.