Applus+ tests one of the largest fire-resistance fans on the market prior to installation in Alps tunnel

    The Zitron brand axial fan measures over 2 m in diameter and features 1 MW of capacity. Testing took place at the Applus+ TST fire laboratory in Asturias, Spain, which specialises in ventilation systems.
    Applus+ Laboratories has completed a test campaign to validate the fire resistance of a new model of high-flow axial fan produced by Zitron. Zitron is one of the primary manufacturers of ventilation systems intended for mining and public works projects. The model tested is one of the biggest on the market. It has 3.8 m in length, over 2 m in diameter and a 1 MW capacity.
    Zitron developed this new model for use in a project to renovate the fixed ventilation systems in a tunnel in the Alps, where there are very strict requirements in place for fire protection systems. The model has been tested to EN-12101-3 standard to assess its ability to function for at least two hours in extreme operating conditions, facing temperatures of up to 400 ºC. Its purpose is to control smoke levels in the event of a fire in order to facilitate the evacuation of any people and vehicles that may be inside the tunnel during such a disaster scenario.
    Zitron chose Applus+ as its testing partner thanks to our unique testing capabilities, unmatched in Europe when it comes to ventilation systems. The Applus+ TST facility in Asturias is equipped with test benches that are tailored for use on ventilation systems and it can evaluate the fire resistance of the biggest fans on the market – those intended for use in large-scale infrastructures. Applus+ is one of Europe’s leading fire laboratories, offering a portfolio of testing and certification services. Trusting in Applus+ as a testing partner enables manufacturers to export their products safe in the knowledge that they comply with the technical requirements of all the key global markets.