Applus+ RVIS wins commercial success award at Shell Pernis with the PU12, a new remote inspection tool for complex pipe systems

    The PU12 tool was developed to inspect complex on plot piping and has already won a commercial success award.
    Applus+ RVIS recently released PU12, a new tool for remote visual inspection of complex pipe racks used in on plot piping systems. The PU12 was developed in response to the client’s need to inspect on plot piping safely and efficiently at Shell Pernis. Prior to the PU12, the main challenge in such inspections was gaining sufficient access through blocked piping to allow clear visual inspection of dark congested areas.
    Applus+ RVIS customised a pole cam to deliver the client’s inspection needs. The PU12 is a telescopic pole that can reach pipe racks to heights or depths of 12m. The mounted HD camera with 7X zoom allows for inspections to be carried out from a safe distance. The addition of an LED light source ensures clear imaging, even in dark spaces.
    On plot piping systems are complex and often inaccessible for manned inspection or other surveying tools. The PU12, however, gives visual access to 95% of complex piping up to 12m. During the final test phase in March 2017, the PU12 proved to be three times faster than manned inspection.
    From the initial idea through to its implementation took less than six months and the device is now being customised for another Shell site with different piping heights and requirements.
    Even within this short timeframe, the PU12 has already been nominated for, and won, a commercial success award at Shell Pernis, the biggest oil refinery in Europe. Applus+ RVIS was also recognised for its achievements in other categories.This is the second commercial success award for Applus+ RVIS, following its 2017 win for CU24.

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