Applus+ opens a new calibration laboratory in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid)


    The new centre will offer the central zone better cover and local services.

    Applus+ Laboratories continues to expand its network of calibration laboratories with the opening of a new centre in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), Spain. The new laboratory will offer industrial calibration services and legal metrology in Madrid and the surrounding areas, bringing a more local service to clients in the zone.
    The new laboratory is accredited by ENAC (certificate number 206/LC10.151) to calibrate six dimensions (pressure and vacuum, force and torque, dimensional, exhaust emission analysers and opacimeters, mass and electricity). The centre in San Fernando de Henares will serve as a logistical base for mobile calibration units, as well as offering on-site calibration and legal metrology services.
    Applus+ Laboratories is one of Spain’s leading companies for metrology and calibration services, both for the volume of equipment calibrated and for the number of accredited technical areas. We also offer additional services, such as collection from and delivery to client facilities, online tracking of the status of equipment, and an online verification service for the validity of certificates.