Applus+ Norcontrol will conduct the external auditing for the Dangerous Goods Transportation Management


    The company has been awarded with the Master Agreement for the provision of External Audit Services for the Management of Dangerous Goods Transportation by Roads & Rails.

    This award applies to the whole Iberian Peninsula, being the industrial complexes located in Puertollano, Tarragona, Coruña, Cartagena and Sines (Portugal).
    Works to be performed include load auditing, unloading and issuing dangerous goods by rail and by road, plus verification of fulfillment of legal requirements, and analysis of the procedures, instructions and documents included in the Complexes Management Systems.
    With this three-years award Applus+ positions as a national referent in Spain for the Oil & Gas sector for these kinds of activities.
    In order to provide this service, Applus+ disposes of widely formed and experienced Security Advisors in the whole country.
    Through this service Applus+ verifies that the client’s regulatory situation is ensured, regarding their used vehicles, tanks and containers, packaging identification, documentation, security of installations and equipment, storage, emergencies, health&safety in the workplace, operational management, politics and improvements objectives.
    The legal requirements for the transportation of hazardous goods go beyond the carrier, concerning the shipper, the packer, the loader and the unloader. Not been aware of the regulation and not applying it can result not only in severe personal and environmental damage, together with strict economic sanctions, but also creating an adverse image as a contaminating and socially irresponsible company.
    Advantages of our service
    Ensuring the client’s protection on the following points:
    • Discharge of responsibilities
    • Warranty of regulatory fulfillment
    • Better cost-efficiency by avoiding sanctions
    • Operations’ safety continuously improved
    • Wide technical coverage with dangerous goods
    • Staff training and awareness-raising
    • Advise to the Safety Appointee
    • Complementary consultancy: rails, ships and planes
    • Smoothing legal paperwork and procedures

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