Applus+ Norcontrol expands the scope of its accreditation UNE EN ISO 17025

    The Applus + Norcontrol Chemical Laboratory in La Coruña (Spain), has expanded the scope of its accreditation, according to the UNE-EN-ISO 17025.
    The Applus + Norcontrol Chemical Laboratory in La Coruña (Spain), has expanded the scope of its accreditation, according to the UNE-EN-ISO 17025, with the inclusion of 92 new parameters in different environmental matrices, among which include:
    Inland waters: 50 new parameters accredited, including priority substances and priority hazardous substances necessary to enact Good Chemical Status of waterbodies s / Directive 2013/39 / EU.
    We highlight substances listed in Annex IV of Royal Decree 815/2015 (EQS for priority substances and other pollutants):
    GC / MS-MS: (9) Chlorpyrifos methyl, (9a) Endrin, (9b) Dieldrin, (14) Endosulfan II (Beta isomer) and Endosulfan sulfate (31) 1,2,3-Trichlorobenzene,
    HPLC / MS-MS: (24) 4-nonylphenol and nonylphenol, (25) 4- t Octylphenol and 4-n-Octylphenol.
    In addition to including substances between numbers 34-45, identified as new substances in Directive 2013/39 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 August 2013, which NCA will take effect from December 22, 2018.
    GC / MS-MS: (34) Dicofol (36) quinoxyfen, (38) aclonifen, (40) Irgarol (Cibutrina), (44) Heptachlor epoxide exo- (isomer B) (45) terbutryn.
    HPLC / MS-MS: (36) quinoxyfen, (38) aclonifen, (39) bifenox, (40) Irgarol (Cibutrina), (45) Terbutryn.
    This completed our accreditation, which already included 100% of the compounds listed in Annex V (NCA for Preferred substances) of this RD 817/2015.
    Wastewater: 23 new parameters accredited, we highlight the Oil Index (HI).
    GC / FID: Hydrocarbons Index (IH), to comply with the BREF (Best Available Techniques References Document) of the refining sector, large combustion plants, plants of large volumes of organic chemicals and treatment and water management systems and waste gases in the chemical sector (Directive 2010/75 / EU industrial emissions).
    Water consumption: 5 new parameters accredited that allow us to adapt to the new Directive (EU) 2015/1787 on the quality of water intended for human consumption.
    Marine waters: A total of 13 new parameters. We emphasize the Cr VI, included in the RD 817/2015 operational control program, in studying Chemical elements and general physico-chemical quality for transitional waters and coastal waters.
    Solid wastes: Mineral Oil emphasize the C10-C40, to comply with Council Decision (2003/33 / EEC) and the AAA / 661/2013, Waste Admissible Order Inert waste landfills.
    In addition, improved quantification limit in some parameters, highlighting metals by ICP / MS and speciation of As (III and V) by SPE / ICP-MS.
    Thus, Applus + Norcontrol becomes one of the first laboratories in Spain, to accredit these parameters and achieve lower limits of quantification techniques to comply with Directive 2013/39 / EC.
    You can view our full range, 76 / LE201 Rev. 35, ENAC web

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