Applus+ Norcontrol and Novotec receive European Commission EMAS Bronze Certificate


    This accreditation recognizes those companies which have proved their environmental commitment for more than five years.

    As part of the 20th anniversary of EMAS environmental register, the European Commission has resolved to award their EMAS Bronze Certificate to those organizations registered in the Community’s Environmental Management and Auditing System for five or more years.
    Applus+ Norcontrol and Novotec Consultores are ascribed to this environmental auditing register since 2009.
    The requisites for the implementation and verification of the EMAS certificate are collected in the regulation for the voluntary participation of companies, which implies:
    • To implement an Environmental Management System. EMAS recognizes Applus+’ ISO14001 implementation.
    • To elaborate an annual Environmental Statement.
    • To receive the validation of the Environmental Statement by an accredited inspector. Applus+ Norcontrol and Novotec are audited every year since 2009 in their Sada office (Galicia, Spain).
    • To fulfill the complete list of requirements of European Regulation (CE) Nº 1221/2009.