Applus+ Laboratories receives EMV L1 contactless terminals accreditation


    This latest accreditation completes the laboratory's portfolio of EMV terminal testing services.

     Applus+ Laboratories has been accredited by EMVCo to carry out L1 evaluations on contactless payment terminals. As part of the accreditation, EMVCo accredited the Applus+ PCD Test Bench for the v.2.5a and 2.6 setups. This accreditation completes our portfolio of EMVCo terminal evaluations, meaning that Applus+ can now carry out functional testing for the full range of EMVCo certifications, L1 and L2 for contact and contactless payment terminals.
    EMV Level 1 tests that terminals comply with the electromechanical and analog characteristics as well as the logical protocol requirements defined in the EMV specifications. The Applus+ solution for this type of testing goes beyond current specifications, using a Faraday cage to help avoid interference. In this way, Applus+ is well prepared for the stricter requirements likely to be seen in future versions of the specifications.
    Applus+ now offers the full suite of EMVCo evaluations, both contact and contactless for L1, L2 and ESD. Its portfolio also includes L2 testing for a range of payment schemes including Visa, American Express and Discover.
    More information about Applus+ terminal testing services.